Testing  | Fujifilm x100 V | 22.09.2020
inspired by contemporary daily life

Thank you so much to all people involved from the "Scrap Iron" workshop and Fujifilm Portugal team... 
público p3  | "Beach Lovers" | 26.08.2020
inspired by contemporary daily life
current exhibition  | "archive" modern art gallery SNBA | until 25.07.2020
inspired by contemporary daily life
photo... Marco Areias
This is not a diary  | "From Home" LFI Blog | 20.04.2020
"Even in this time of crisis, Rui Miguel Cunha has not lost courage, and is concentrating on the positive side of life. In an interview, he explains about his current situation in a small town in Portugal, and reflects of what can be learned from the pandemic."
This is not a diary  | facebook | 12.03.2020
The idea was born out of the author's need to create something that would keep him in full photographic activity with the aim of documenting the historical moment that everyone is going through and especially his own family too. It was never about exposing his private life because he doesn't like that kind of things but the moment is for inner reflection and also for strong family ties which helps him in the conception of “This is Not a Diary” ...
collective exhibition  | hAMBURG, GERMANY | 12.02.2020
Dear Rui Miguel Cunha,
the opening of the exhibition was attended by 250 people, which was really good. The Sunday after we had our record with 317 visitors in one day. Today we will exceed thousand visitors, in just two weeks, which ist fantastic. And we still have 3 weeks to go.
We show 3 of your photos in the exhibition. It contains 100 photographs by 51 photographers from 8 countries.
Here is an article in the largest Newspaper in Hannover and some photos. You can find more informations on facebook. Thank you very much for your participation in this project!
Greetings from Hannover,
Through the lens  | photographers international collective | 02.2020
So proud to be part of with such an amazing and excellent photographers... 
A BIG THANK YOU 🙏 Ersen Sariozkan, Marc Erpelding and Laurent Henrion 🥂
Good luck to all 🍀
collective exhibition  | tokyo, japan | 12.2019
"It took place at a cozy bar in Tokyo. The selected works of GR SNAPS Vol.7 and works of professional photographers involved in GR official’s events in 2019 such as "GR meet" and "GR LIVE!” were exhibited."
interview  | LFI Blog | 07.2019
Change to a new partnership with LFI Magazine
BIG DISTINCTION  | LFI Blog | 27.06.2019

Dear Rui Miguel Cunha
we are pleased to let you know that your photograph has been favourited by the editors of the LFI Gallery! Your image Between the rocks has been chosen as our
It will be displayed together with your name on the start page of the LFI website for one week, and added to the LFI Gallery’s Picture of the Week collection. We will also present your image on our social media channels over the following few days. ​​​​​​​
Picture Of the Week​​​​​​​

workshop  | Archive | 27.07.2019
Olympus - "El Corte Ingles" Auditorium
Lisbon, Portugal
Exhibition  | Archive | 10.01.2019
"A Pequena Galeria"
Lisbon, Portugal

workshop  | Archive | 27.07.2019
"Olympus/Worten" Auditorium
Lisbon and Porto cities, Portugal
Book Publishing AND EXHIBITION  | Arquivo. Archive vol.02 | 27.10.2018
Inspired by contemporary daily life, ARQUIVO is an editorial work by photographer Rui Miguel Cunha. The idea consists on the publication in volumes, of part of the author's records throughout his route.
On youtube | 08.11.2017 
Book Publishing | Publicação do livro  | Arquivo. Archive vol.01 | 28.10.2017
Inspired by contemporary daily life, ARQUIVO is an editorial work by photographer Rui Miguel Cunha.
The idea consists on the publication in volumes, of part of the author's records throughout his route.
Rui Miguel Cunha was born in Lisbon on June 1st, 1976.
Inspired by contemporary daily life, the photographer traces out in his work a documentary narrative through the photojournalistic concept with a strong connection to “naked" Street Photography.
Director and editor of the periodic publication Magazine Reportagem and current member of the SEFA (Sesimbra Expressão Fotográfica Associação), the author also counts on numerous participations in other editorials, publications and nationally and internationally renowned exhibitions.
I dedicate this editorial to my children.
A special kiss to my wife, the rest of my family and friends, because they all know who they are....
To the sponsors and to all those who in the most diverse ways supported me in the accomplishment of this idea ... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!​​​​​​​
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